The Glory of Rome

TIme line

The God’s Cursed Mankind.

Towards the End of the Trojan war the Gods Cursed Humans. Threw the use of Evocation “Greeks” and Necromantic “Trojans” Magic the Greeks and Trojans Killed a God. As punishment the gods punished man. Resulting in the total disappearance of all the Evocation spells from the world and the complete Destruction of the Trojans. From here the story splits. The Romans say that other humans turned into the lesser races. The Demi-humans say there ancestors simply conquered and replaced the humans since there clerics had no spells. Some say it was a combination of both, the truth is lost to history. Undead are rare and highly feared. The gods who govern the dead do not look kindly upon those who tread within there realm of influence.

A short time line

1250 BC. Trojan War Humans cursed by the gods

1200 BC Gnomes replace Humans Phoenician Empire

1150 BC Halflings “Britons” replace Humans in Great Briton and Ireland

1125 BC Goblins replace Humans in Iberia “Spain”

1100 BC Hobgoblins Replace Humans is Gaul

1050 BC Bugbears replace humans in Germania

1000 BC Drow replace humans in “Numidia/Saharia” North africa

950BC Orcs replace humans in Egypt

893 BC Romulus Founds city of Rome.

850 BC Gnomes colonies N Africa, eastern Iberia and S England. “Carthage founded”

850 BC Elves replace humans in Greece

825BC Gnolls replace humans in Thrace

800 BC Flinds replace humans in Macadonia

775 BC Half elves replace humans in Illeria

750 BC Dwarves replace humans in southern black sea mountains/Hills.

700 BC Iron introduced to Europe

509 BC Founding of the roman republic God’s Favor of Romans Begins.

480 BC Battle of Thermopyle in Greece

450 BC Iron introduced into Mediterranean/Egypt.

387 BC Rome sacked by Brennus and his Gaul army

338 BS Romans Conqure the Latains

331 BC Alexander the Great Destroys the last Human Kingdom “Persia” God’s curse of Man kind ends“

312 BC Dwarf king Seleucos conquers Babylon and founds the Seleucid dynasty.

304 BC Ptolemaic Dynasty founded in Egypt. “Half Orcs”

290 BC Romans conquer the Samnites

282 BC Romans conquer last of the Etruscan kings in northern Italy.

281 BC: Rome issues coins

280 BC King Pyrrhus of Epirus “Greek city state” invades Italy

276 BC Romans Defeated Pyrhus

275 BC: Rome conquers Southern Italy

273 BC Rome and Egypt Form an official alliance.

269 BC Illerian & Sicilian Pirates begin large scale raiding of Roman, Cartagena and Egyptian shipping near southern Italy.

267 BC Relations between Rome and Carthage start to begin to break down.

265 BC start of our campaign year 489 Ab urbe condita). By Roman reckoning

Campaign Details

The Glory of Rome.

It’s a Roman world built and ruled by the Romans. The only problem is that they haven’t taken possession of it yet. Positioned in the center of the known world and the Mediterranean sea “roman lake” and favored by the Gods, they are poised to dominate all within there grasp.

This is a campaign in the ancient world at a turning point in history. It’s 265 BC and the once minor city of Rome has risen to dominate most of the Italia, all within the last generation. This is the world of the infantry man the Shield, Spear and javelin. Few solders use a blade and even fewer armies fight as a whole. However the Romans have changed warfare forever with the first long standing army in history. They train and fight as a single unit, in formation for the greater glory of Rome.

Demi-humans have vast empires and until recently ruled all that could be seen. Many lived there whole life with out ever seeing a human. Mankind were the things of legend, that has all changed. Humans once dominated the world and fell from grace, How the last civilization of man, the Romans want it all back. Which side will you fight on? Will you command vast armies or travel in a small party of powerful friends?

This will be a low to mid Arcane magic world” only specialist mages are allowed” and Evocation magic has not been used in almost 1,000 years. However clerical powers will be increased and common place. This is a world of God’s, blood and Iron. There will be several changes especially on available armor and weapons, along with racial rewrites. It’s a classical world full of the unwashed barbarians and the Glory of Rome.

Campaign start date and day/times

Ok looks like Rome will be ready to go either July 15th or July 29th

Now I’m negotiable on the day I can do either Friday or Saturday night 9pm to 2am Est. unless I work then 10-3am. Also it’s possible for me to do Sunday afternoon say 4 or 5pm to 9 or 10 pm. The day/time we play should be discussed here amongst the players to get the best fit.

I can see the adults with families having a hard time with Sunday’s. And girlfriends/boyfriends might not want you to give up a Saturday night.
Looking to play every other weekend.

FOr full details follow the link

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